Lincolnshires Tallest Buildings

Lincolnshire, England is one of the countries largest counties and is renowned for its big skies, beautiful sandy beaches and wide open spaces. Lincolnshire has rolling hills along the wolds as well as flat  land along the Fens and down to the wash which is farmed to provide what Lincolnshire is most famous for....Food. 

Lincolnshire is famous for its sausage, its plum bread, chine, haslet and cheeses but it is also famous for its buildings and its structures.

In fact, Lincolnshire has the tallest structure, not just in England but  in the European Union and its cathedral was once the tallest building in the world! Here are Lincolnshire finest tall structures.....

  Height Structure belmont tv mast
Lincolnshires Tallest Structure

Belmont TV Mast
Donnington on Bain
1,271 ft Belmont TV Mast
Donnington on Bain

Secured using guide lines - The tallest structure in the UK and the tallest structure in European Enion
  Height Structure
Humber Bridge 510 ft Humber Bridge
South Tower

When it was built the Humber bridge was the longest single span suspension bridge in the world

Grimsby Dock Tower 309 ft Grimsby
Dock Tower

Lincolnshires tallest building was built in 1852 and is based around the Palazzo Pubblico in Sienna, Italy
Louth - St James Church 295 ft St James Church

The tallest parish church spire in England
Boston Stump 272 ft St Boltophs Tower
(Boston Stump)

The tallest non-cathedral church tower in the world

lincoln cathedral today

lincoln cathedral 1311
271 ft Lincoln Cathedral

Built in 1092 on the instruction of William the conqueror.
From 1311 - 1549 spires were constructed on the main towers reaching a height  of 525 ft.

In 1311 AD Lincoln Cathedral became the tallest building in the world, toppling the great pyramid of Giza Egypt from the No.1 spot, a position it had held for 3880 years

Below - View from the observation deck at the bottom of the spire - Louth

Louth from St. James Church





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